VSupport hopes to bridge the gap between communities and resources by introducing liaisons and intermediary individuals who connect Indian women seeking legal recourse, mental health support, restraining orders, divorce, etc. with legal aid professionals, counsellors, NGOs and support systems. Further, the project hopes to increase awareness of these organizations and services to individuals who may otherwise never come to know of their existence.

The cases we deal with are very contextualised and specific to the individual. VSupport works with psychologists, counsellors, lawyers, and NGO representatives to provide office hours to victims so that they can develop a personalized plan to help them overcome these challenges. Our ultimate goal is to create a network of resources that can support these women in need.

VSupport’s activities aim to assist urban poor women who are dealing with issues such as domestic violence, divorce, harassment and other kinds of abuse. We provide women with holistic support to deal with these situations. Through our networks, we connect victims of domestic abuse to:

Legal aid professionals who can assist them in cases of divorce or in getting a restraining order

Mental health professionals such as psychiatrists, psychotherapists and counsellors

Support systems via NGOs