Shelters/Emergency homes

In the course of workshops and conversations with victims, we have discovered that the greatest hurdle and obstruction standing in the way of victims to feel secure, is a safe shelter.

Many victims of domestic abuse do not report their abuser because they have nowhere to escape to; often, victims are hesitant to seek support from their families, friends, or relatives due to social stigma. Additionally, a lack of resources such as a stable income, or ability to hire a lawyer to fight a legal battle, can create an atmosphere of helplessness and fear. A combination of these factors can lead to a victim staying with their abuser or considering more drastic options that could harm their health or wellbeing.

How it works:

As part of this project, we created a network of individuals and organizations that came together to help victims of domestic abuse by offering their homes or shelters -- either free of cost or on a subsidized rent. Others sponsor a hotel stay, with hotel partners offering free or subsidized stay. We have also created a few long term shelters with schools and NGOs