Every 3rd Woman In India
Has Suffered From Some
Sort Of Violence
At Home.

With your support, we can empower women across India to access the knowledge, resources and support systems that can help them against domestic violence.

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Every Third Woman in India Has
Suffered From Violence at Home

According to the National Family Health Survey-4, every third woman in India between the ages of 15 to 49 years has suffered from some sort of violence at home. 27% of women had experienced physical violence from the age of 15, and 31% of married women experienced spousal violence – physical, sexual or emotional. The most common type of spousal violence was physical violence (27% of cases), and emotional violence (13%). Only 14% of women who had experienced physical or sexual violence by anyone sought help to stop it.


Violence in any form against women is a gross violation of the basic human right of safety and freedom from abuse. VSupport is dedicated to the well-being of women and consistently strives to address this raging issue of violence against women.
In most cases, the victims of such violence and harassment do not complain out of fear, but also more importantly because they lack awareness of their rights. They remain unaware of the laws that seek to protect them. Additionally, women in rural areas do not have access to or are not allowed access to legal aid, help from a counselor, and other support systems. Financial constraints and social stigma are two other reasons due to which women suffer in silence.



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